For all the products included in the lists, there are clear indications about the availability in our warehouse, so you can easily find out which products are available in our warehouse for immediate delivery, which products are not directly available but we expect to receive them in specific date from our suppliers and also the products are not available but we expect information from our suppliers about the exact date of their receipt, before you place your order.
Nevertheless, you can send us your order even for the products which are not available in our warehouse and we will contact you via e-mail or/and telephone, within a resonable time to inform you about the possible time of their receipt from our suppliers and also about the delivery to you.
In this case, you can, if you think the the delivery time does not satisfy you, ask to cancel your order.

It must be clear though, that the above mentioned delivery time, also depends and on the availability of the products in our warehouse. In addition we are giving you the opportunity to choose if you wish to receive all the products, which possibly because of their different availability, they will have different delivery time, with one delivery to the ultimate date and as soon as possible to be delivered to courier or receive a separate delivery, by the time they can be delivered.

We clarify that, if payment is made via credid card, we need two (2) additional working days to send the order,until we get the confirmation of default from our Bank.

Force Majeure:

If for reasons of force (such as bad weather, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the goods within the specified time, we will notify you via e-mail in order to be informed if you wish, under these circumstances, the completion of your order.


Our company in not responsible for defects or poor quantity of the products which desposes to customers.
All products we receive from our suppliers are packed. However, in case that at the delivered quantity a defective product is found, you have the right to return it with the possibility of replacing it with our expences or refund your money.
Our company is not responsible for organized attack by hackers in order to steal users' personal information, but even in this case, users of credid cards are safe as we do not keep files after the end of orders.

Finally, our company is not responsible for errors or changes at the specifications as well as the prices of the products sold through its store.


Our company allows users to choose how they will be informed about the new products available in the market and also about the offers, payment arrangements etc, by sending promotional - informational messages via e-mail or post or telephone. Our company does not overuse the above service. Users always have the option to stop receiving advertising messages.

Terms modifications:

Our company reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of trade.

Governing Law:

All transactions made through this online store, are governed by the International and European Law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law. 2251/1994), which regulates matters concerning distance sales.


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